In a recent discussion with my weekly ladies Bible study group, we discussed opportunities that we had regretted missing because we ignored or overlooked the Holy Spirit prompting us to action. While I’m not perfect in obediently reacting to His prompts, there was a wonderful instance where He reminded me how much fun it can be to trust Him.

One day, driving home, I was listening to my favorite local radio station when I heard a man’s name announced as the winner of the “Vacation-a-Day” Sweepstakes. For this contest, you had to have been previously registered as a member of their online club and when you heard your name called, you had exactly 30 minutes to call in to the station and claim your vacation. The disc jockey announced that “Frank” only had 10 more minutes to claim his prize.

Seriously needing a vacation myself, I imagined how disappointed I would be if I had the chance to win one for free, but missed it by just a matter of minutes. I wanted desperately to contact this man and let him know to call in. But of course, I knew nothing of this stranger, his name, or his phone number.

With no logical reasoning behind it (which I now realize as Holy Spirit prompting), I picked up my phone and asked Siri to Google the phone number for Frank Johnson in Vineland, New Jersey. Not actually believing that this would work, you can imagine my sheer amazement when the search results included a phone number.

I clicked the link and called, but after four or five rings only a voice mail picked up. Even though a man’s voice indicated his name was Frank, I sighed and hung up, understanding that there was a very slim chance of it being the correct person.

And then, prompted again, I called back. And I called back a third time. And on the fourth ring of the third call, a man picked up.

“Is this Frank Johnson?”
“Sir, you don’t know me, but do you happen to be part of the listener-club for the radio station?”
“Uh, yes?”
“And you live in Vineland, New Jersey?”
“Sir, this is not a joke, they just called your name on the station as having won the vacation for the day. You have less than five minutes to call in and claim it! You have to hang up the phone with me now and call in!”
“What! Oh my gosh! Wait! I don’t know the number!”
“Hold on Sir (thank God for Google) … Okay, here it is! You need to hang up and call right now!”
“Okay, thank you, Ma’am, thank you!”

Several minutes later, the DJ came back on the air with Frank — the same voice I just heard — and congratulated him on claiming his free vacation. Joy and laughter and applause exploded from my heart in my car.

About a half-hour later, Frank, with his wife, used their caller-ID to call me back and thank me. Their voices full of astonishment and excitement, I learned that Frank and his wife (both believers) had not had a vacation for 14 years because of financial burdens and had recently been praying for God to bless them in this way.

As the saying goes, “You can’t make this stuff up.” Life with the Spirit is just this awesome. I think if possible, I might have even gotten more joy out of this “God-moment” than Frank and his dear wife.

If in this day, He prompts you, make sure you jump at the chance.