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Today’s Christian Living January 2022

6 All Things Through Christ: Record-holding endurance athlete Katie Spotz found that her achievements left her stressed and empty. Then a friend pointed her to freedom and purpose. 9 Reader Survey: We need your feedback to help us help you with Today’s Christian Living content. 12 He Knows Your Name: When Linda Znachko responded to God’s prompting, she had no idea He would lead her into an ongoing, lifechanging ministry. 18 The Breath of Life: Debra was in a battle for her life, but her priority was telling her nurse about Jesus. 19 The Chosen Video Index 24 Faith Over Cancer: Ginny was stunned by her cancer diagnosis. She had always been a “health nut.” Why was God allowing this in her life? 28 Heaven Bound: Greg Stier’s violent family came to Jesus one-by-one, but “Ma” was the holdout, believing she was too far gone for God’s grace. 32 Prepared for God’s Business: Reese Kauffman was a successful Christian businessman, but he discovered his true calling when God put his skills to work in Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The Landing Blog

By Joanna Sanders

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