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Today’s Christian Living April/May 2021

6 Jen Wilkin: Ten Words to Live By

10 Love God Greatly: Reaching the World With God’s Word, One Woman at a Time

14 From Broken Dreams to Overcomer

18 Give Thanks in All Things: An NFL Center-Turned-Farmer Tackles Hunger by Faith

24 Beyond the White Picket Fence

26 Believing Is Seeing

28 Moms, Dads, and Grads Resource Guide

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Today’s Christian Living February/March 2021

6 Hurt by the Church, Healed by the Church…and Hope for the Church

11 9th Annual Writing Contest Opens

12 Phoenix Roasters: Coffee That Matters

18 A Surrendered Heart

24 When You Find Yourself Asking God Why?

26 Frankie San: A Burning Light for Christ

28 Easter, Worship & Inspirational Resource Guide

38 A Rugged Faith That Endures

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Today’s Christian Living August/September 2020

  • Taking Captive Every Thought: Jennie Allen, by Stephanie Rische
  • Evangelism and Discipleship on the Digital Superhighway
  • A Call for Revival
  • Family and Teen Resource Guide
  • Is COVID-19 Prophesied in the Bible? by Dr. Mark Hitchcock
  • Joe Duthie: From Gang Member to Team Builder for Christ, by Nancy Gravatt
  • Raising Up Dreamers, by Shelia Erwin
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Today’s Christian Living February/March 2020

6 Nerves of Steel: Captain Tammie Jo Shults’ Miraculous Landing of Southwest Flight 1380

12 RU Recovery Ministries: Breaking the Chains and Cycle of Addiction Through Christ

18 Cremation Gains Momentum in the U.S.: Should Christians Follow the Trend?

28 Spiritual Growth Resource Guide

30 Hidden in My Heart: A Life Transformed Through the Word

34 Wrong Number, Right Destination

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