Today’s Christian Living Writer’s Guidelines

Today’s Christian Living Writers’ Guidelines


1. Editorial Profile: Today’s Christian Living is a faith-based magazine whose focus is celebrating life and faith. Each issue contains dramatic and inspirational stories about ordinary Christians who live extraordinary lives. The magazine also features well known public personalities who have turned their lives over to the Lord.

The articles are informative and offer hope and encouragement. Today’s Christian Living helps strengthen readers’ faith and shows them how to live a more significant life by improving their spiritual, physical, and financial health. Each issue contains engaging and informative articles on contemporary faith, inspirational stories, and regular features on church life, divine humor, and Bible trivia to recharge your spiritual life.


2. Editorial Personnel:

Publisher: Diana Jones,

Editor: Dan Brownell,

Senior Graphic Designer: Beth Krogwold


3. Queries and Submissions:

Personality Profile (1,000-1,500 words): Personality profile features a well-known Christian who has impacted our world. These stories should be dramatic and feature real people and the ways they are living, contributing, persevering, and making their lives meaningful, interesting, and significant. These need to be powerful, inspiring, role-model stories that teach by example.

Personal Story/Anecdote (900-1,200 words): This would be a firsthand story that may be humorous, inspirational, or exciting, while focusing on the Lord.

Ministry Profile (900-1,200 words): Ministry Profile articles feature a Christian ministry that is making a difference and changing the world. This may be a large or small organization, an informal group, or an individual. The focus is on the effect the ministry is having on the world.

Feature articles (1,200-1,800 words): Feature articles address other issues affecting Christians today. Article topics vary by month (as per the editorial calendar).

Hospitality (500-900 words): Hospitality includes a recipe or craft project with an inspirational story attached to it.

Special Report (900-1200 words): A special report would include a topic that is of interest to Christians that provides factual statistics and information. Often a special report will be based on extensive research.


4. Article Titles: Article titles must be submitted with articles. The title is a promise to the reader about the contents of the article. Therefore the title must (a) relate to the needs and interest of the readers; and (b) accurately reflect the actual contents of the articles. Often these criteria are best met by the inclusion of a subtitle. Titles which do not acceptably meet these criteria will be changed at the discretion of the editor.

Titles must make it explicit what the reader will find interesting about the topic matter. If the subject has a unique idea, especially if it’s controversial, bring that out in the title. If the subject is the biggest, fastest growing, most popular, etc., make your title reflect it. For an inspirational story, tell the reader what specifically is inspirational about the subject. Always keep in mind the benefits to the reader. Assume readers will not read your article unless the title and subtitle are compelling enough to convince them.


5. How to submit a query: Well-written queries will be reviewed for consideration. No phone pitches will be taken. Query letters should briefly highlight the angle of the story, the sources available for comment, and the practical information that will benefit readers, as well as any resources available to readers for obtaining additional information. (Accurate, up-to-date resource information is required.) It is not recommended that writers follow up on query submissions with a phone call. If you are concerned whether your query was received, a follow-up note or e-mail may be sent, again highlighting the proposed article.


6. Do not submit articles that you have written for other publications.


7. Payment for Published Articles: Payment is rendered within 60 days of publication. Payment is based on approximate word count. Less than 800 words, $50; 800-1,199 words, $100; 1,200-1,800 words, $150. $25 additional payment if photography is included.


8. Formats for Queries and Completed Articles: Files may be sent via e-mail as a Word attachment. The documents should be in Times New Roman font, 12 pt, with ½-inch margins. Line spacing should be 1.5, and there should only be one space between each sentence.


9. Where to Send Queries: Queries should be sent to:


10. Rights and Requirements: All articles must be exclusive to Today’s Christian Living, and the content must be original. Manuscripts should be edited and all information contained within confirmed by the author. All completed articles are subject to editing for space, style and content. (Additional rights and requirements are outlined in an author’s contract, provided to writers upon article assignment. Contracts must be signed and returned.)


11. Authors must be available to provide additional information as needed for the completion of an article to the satisfaction of the editor.

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