My best friend chuckled when I asked her if she knew anything about gardening. She had grown up on a family property of more than 50 acres, so she did indeed know a thing or two. I, on the other hand, am a complete novice. Like many currently stuck at home, I’ve started a garden. In my case, it’s a small container garden on my deck.

Beginner’s Mistake

I have heard others say how satisfying it is to have their hands in the dirt, and I really understand that now. Unfortunately, I made a classic beginner mistake and poured all the seeds from the packet into the starter cup instead of spreading them into separate cups. I assumed it would increase the chances of seeing growth. It did, but not in a good way because the roots were tangled together. Although at this stage it looked like they were growing well together, they needed more room. The task of separating them was more difficult than I expected, but I had to do it despite the trauma to their delicate roots. My friend assured me that they’re typically very resilient. I wondered if all of us could say as much during this seemingly never-ending quarantine. The separation from friends, extended family, and church members has been painful and I just don’t want any more of it.

Untangling the Roots

When I removed the overcrowded seedlings out of their cup, I was amazed at what had gone on below the surface. There was so much growth, yet they were so intertwined that it seemed almost impossible not to break them as I separated them. I wondered what our roots looked like, from God’s perspective, before the separation and isolation of COVID-19. Did He see roots that were too intertwined with things and activities, making them unhealthy for our relationships?

Having been planted quite literally in our homes at this time, I wonder if God has purposely used this isolation in our lives to bring forth things that may never have developed without the separation. During this time where others can’t see us, perhaps the conditions are allowing for growth that needs to happen well below the surface. Perhaps there is a deeper level of spiritual maturity that needs to take root as a direct result of supernatural elements and a little separation.

Supernatural Growth, Abundant Nutrients

Supernatural growth requires abundant nutrients. We’re to wholeheartedly pursue the Living Water, Sonlight, and Holy Spirit fire so we can break out of an overcrowded existence. My prayer is that we not wither in the soil of isolation and that we come out the other side of the quarantine unentangled so we can thrive and bear fruit in a new and mighty way.