The Medal of Honor: Robert Maxwell’s Story is a video with a gospel presentation available free for you and or your congregation to use.

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Robert Maxwell is our nation’s oldest living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He’s also a committed Christian and will tell you that although he wears the Medal of Honor around his neck, the most important thing he ever did was to accept Christ as his Savior and Lord. Bob was a part of some of the most important campaigns of World War II, but on September 7, 1944, at about 2 a.m when a live German hand grenade landed at his feet, Bob had only about three seconds to make a choice that would change his life forever.

You’ll hear his amazing story firsthand, but more importantly, you’ll hear about his faith in Christ. Bob explains that although he had faith in God, he came to find out that wasn’t going to get him to Heaven, because he was still missing the connection to Jesus and the salvation Christ offers us.

This video was specifically designed to be a way to lovingly challenge your non-Christian friends, family, military vets, and others to consider the reality of God and the necessity for a Savior.

Suggestions for Use in Your Congregation 

• Post it on your Church’s website and encourage people to watch and share it.
• Make copies of it to give out to veterans during a special event in their honor.
• Make up business-sized cards with the URL on it and hand those cards out to various people like a bank teller, the person next to you on a plane, the plumber who comes to your house, or the people in line with you at the grocery store. If you just put a card in someone’s hands and pray The Lord will use it, He can do the rest.

“In a time when the word “hero” suffers from over-usage and inflated application, meet a real American hero in every sense of the word, Bob Maxwell, World War II Medal of Honor recipient. Yet, he is quick to point out that the true hero in his life is the risen Lord Jesus, who died to grant eternal life. This is a poignant and powerful message for all to hear!”
Dr. Bob Jack, Pastor Charlotte, N. C.

“Bob Maxwell’s story is inspiring and amazing. His courage in serving his country as a young man defies description. And his personal faith and character shine like a bright beacon. How desperately our society needs to be reminded of the values of this man and his ‘Greatest Generation’!”
Dr. Doug Pratt, Pastor, Bonita Springs, Florida.