When I was pregnant with my son almost nine years ago, I remember the surreal moment of seeing his image for the first time on the ultrasound. Recently, while doing research for an upcoming article, I was invited to visit a local pregnancy center, and it was here that I saw the images of the unborn children on the ultrasound screen in a whole new light. While I was only visiting Mosaic Virginia that day to gather information for an article, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes as I heard the Maker himself gently point through my heart at the images and whisper, “I did that.”

I realized then that the Holy Spirit in me was allowing me to see and hear the Maker of those images like I never had before in the seven years since I had accepted Jesus. And although the images on the screen weren’t of my child, I was able to connect with them as if they were, through the Holy Spirit. With that, I realized the unbelievable impact organizations like this are making.

Not a Plea for Pro-Life

Nope. I don’t have an agenda to convince you to be Pro-Life. This is actually written to let you know that at one point in my life, I considered myself to be “Pro-Choice”. Back then, if it were left to me to make a choice about something or to acknowledge that the choice didn’t belong to me, I would always have chosen my way. It wasn’t really that I was ever in support of abortion — it was more about just wanting control. For me, being “Pro-Choice” was actually about being “Pro-Control.”

Thank God I was never in a position to choose, and when I got pregnant, it was anticipated and hoped for, within marriage. But what I’ve realized is that much of this issue of control — at least for me — HAD to change when I submitted to Christ. I simply couldn’t submit my life and my heart to Christ and maintain the idea that I have control over someone else’s heart or life. When you realize that all of you belongs to Him, you also realize that it ALL belongs to Him. Even the unborn — because they are no more unfinished than you or me, until we come into His presence (Phil 1:6).

A Different View

Being born again helped me to see the unborn in a way I hadn’t before. And I wondered if being unborn was actually a step closer to where we all should be — humble and dependent on our Heavenly Father. If it’s true that after we accept Christ we are to continually die to self (Col 3:3, Luke 17:33, Rom 8:13), then isn’t our state before our earthly birth actually a step closer in “not being part of this world” (John 15:19)? What reason then, other than our own pride or blindness, to not recognize the proximity of the precious unborn, to God?