Evensong (Hymns and Lullabies at the Close of Day)
Featuring Duets With Vince Gill, Heather Headley, and Ellie Holcomb

Today, award-winning Christian hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty announce the release of their latest collection of 13 original hymns and lullabies featuring guest appearances from Vince Gill, Heather Headley, Ellie Holcomb, Sierra Hull, Deborah Kelmme, and Sandra McCracken. Born from a Getty family tradition, Evensong (Hymns and Lullabies at the Close of Day) includes the thoughts, songs, and prayers that Keith and Kristyn Getty use at the end of their day with their daughters.

The traditional Christian practice of evensong — closing the day in prayer and singing — has appealed to people for generations by refreshing the soul and informing the mind. During these uncertain times, the need for restful contemplation and focusing on the Word of God is more important than ever for Christians throughout the world.

The Evensong album was a dream project for Kristyn Getty. On turning 40, she and Keith decided that it would be a wonderful way to celebrate the year. With the global pandemic bringing about a need of comfort to homes in the evening time, it seemed like a perfect new venture for the family.

“These are lullabies and hymns we have sung to and for our own children,” said Kristyn Getty of her four daughters. “Singing God’s truth into both the more tender and vulnerable moments of the day has been a centerpiece of raising our own kids. I know I need true words spoken into my heart and mind to help declutter all that presses in upon me from day to day. I hope these songs help people dwell on the Lord and His promises to release a burdened mind, to calm a restless heart, and point us towards real peace in Christ.”

Keith Getty OBE said, “Evensong is a project born out of a family tradition. We close out our days with a time of reflection in thought, song, and prayer. This collection of hymns and lullabies features a mixture of many of our daily emotions that help us redirect the mind and the comfort of the heart.”

Kristyn elaborated on the benefits of singing hymns and teaching children to sing them at home. “When we sing at home,” she said, “we’re preparing them to sing with the whole congregation, across the generations, all of us singing together.”

Learning hymn lyrics also helps children learn and remember Scripture. “When it comes to Bible verses that we know, the ones we tend to remember the most are the ones that are set to song,” she said. “And very often people will pray in the language of the songs that they sing. This is why it’s so important to sing songs filled with Scripture and filled with the deep things of the Lord. The way we have been designed by the Lord is that, when we sing something, we remember it, and that’s why elderly folks who have been struggling with all sorts of mental and physical illnesses in the last years of their life can forget so many things and yet they can remember the songs they learned even as a little child.”

Teaching children to sing hymns is a great gift. “You can sing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” or “Abide With Me” as a young kid and then remember it later on in life,” she added. “That makes such an exciting investment in our children. As they’re singing hymns of the faith and learning them, not only are they learning how to sing and learning how to sing with other people, and learning these songs, but it’s something that we’re giving them that they can carry through life.”

Album producer Ben Shive was able to gather recordings from each musical collaborator and masterfully create a project fusing the Celtic, folk, bluegrass, classical, and Americana sound the Gettys have become known for around the world. The cover art was specially created by internationally renowned Irish artist Ross Wilson. A special concert performance of this new project was recorded at Hidden Trace Farm, Tennessee, and premiered globally online on Aug. 31 as part of the Sing! Global Conference and Festival.

The Getty’s music is sung by over 100 million people in churches each year throughout the world. In 2017, they established the Sing! Movement to encourage families and churches towards deep theology, timeless artistry, and vibrant worship. This year, rather than cancelling because of the pandemic, the Gettys rebuilt the event from the ground up to be an immersive, virtual conference engaging leaders, families, and churches around the world. The four-day event was held August 30 to September 2 and featured over 100 speakers and artists, including Joni Eareckson Tada, John Lennox, John Piper, Trip Lee, David Kim, Steven Curtis Chapman, John Patitucci, Bill Gaither, Conrad Mbewe, Andrew Peterson, and David Platt.

Evensong (Hymns and Lullabies at Close of Day) Track List
Produced by Ben Shive, Keith and Kristyn Getty

1. Hush-a-by (Come unto Me and Rest)
2. Sun of My Soul (Shine) – featuring Sarah McCracken
3. Consider the Stars
4. Softly and Tenderly – featuring Vince Gill, Ellie Holcomb, Sierra Hull, and Deborah Klemme
5. Is He Worthy?
6. Lily of the Valley
7. His Eye Is on the Sparrow – featuring Heather Headley
8. Jesus, Friend of Little Children
9. The Lord Is in His Holy Temple
10. My Heart Is Filled with Thankfulness
11. Keep Letting the Light In
12. Abide with Me
13. Evensong

For more information, visit Gettymusic.com/evensong

Keith and Kristyn Getty are pre-eminent modern hymn writers in the world today, with Keith being the first church musician of the modern era to be awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Queen Elizabeth II, for services to music and hymn writing. Their hymns such as “In Christ Alone,” written with Stuart Townend, uniquely cross musical genres and teach Christian doctrine. As ambassadors of hymn writing, they have performed for presidents, prime ministers, their annual national hymn tour, and Christmas tour, including sell-out concerts each year at Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.

Since its founding, Getty Music has expanded to include a publishing company of modern hymn writers, record label, touring company, online learning company, foundation and, inspired by their first book, the “Sing” Conference & Festival, which welcomes over 15,000 people to Nashville every year. Keith and Kristyn live between Nashville and Northern Ireland with their four daughters.