Last week, our house flooded when a plumbing fixture broke. As God continued to show His sovereign hand in our (not so great) flood this week, we faced the necessity of leaving our home. What a strange feeling to be packing suitcases when the entire purpose of the trip is the departure and not the arrival.

Movers came and picked up our larger belongings and furniture and packed them into a truck, which hours later drove off to some storage location. I’m not sure when I will see those items again; its unknown at this point. I’m not sure it matters. I simply stood and watched as the house, and its props from a comfortable life, were emptied out, item by item.

For the Good of Those That Love Him

As we drove away from our home, the strange feelings continued. Our home looks fine on the outside with the exception of the piles of trash bags accumulating on the lawn. To someone on the outside, it likely just looks like an extravagant renovation. And in a way, much like how it’s impacting the family that lives in it, that’s what’s happening.

It wasn’t by our choice or material preference that this renovation is occurring. But God saw something good in the renovation. Even if the enemy planned it for harm, God is using it for our good. And if God Himself sent the flood — even better. He saw it good to renew and reset our interior — down to its very structure.

Awaiting Our New Landing

When I first began writing this blog, I named it “The Landing” because of the new life Christ had given me, reflective of the date that Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat. I had no idea that almost a year later, God was going to give me an actual flood to witness, a need for a new landing, and a new land to observe emerging. If God has asked me to “leave home” temporarily, how might He want me to also look differently as I enter the new land He is giving us?

And so, we sit and wait from a distance. We wait for the waters to recede and dry, to see clearly how we will walk amongst the new land. We will wait for the sign of God’s new life appearing. My God is good and He’s going to do it. I’ve seen Him do it before and I will see Him do it again. My arms will be raised as He works, regardless of what my eyes see today. We will wait in the only hope we have, Jesus Christ; and await our new landing.

Article photo credit: Tracy Fuller