Around this time of year, we often hear the reference to Isaiah 9:6, which proclaims various names of Jesus, such as “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Everlasting Father,” and “Prince of Peace.” Names are obviously of great importance to God and I love how He lets us know this, in many instances throughout the Bible.

The Significance of a New Name

When I got married, I was so grateful for my new name. I have often pondered how precious it is to God to bestow upon us new names. These new names come at various occasions, including birth, adoption, union, and rebirth. According to the many examples in Scripture, new names signify new seasons, new callings, and new revelations.

A New Revelation

Here’s something that really knocked me over, though. Did you know that Jesus is also getting a new name? I discovered this gem this morning as I read Revelation 3:12 which states: “Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God, and I will also write on him My new name.”

I had to make sure I was reading this correctly. Did Jesus really say He is also getting a new name? I referenced five different versions, and four different well-known scholarly commentaries. While none of the scholars could say much about what the new name would be, they each confirmed that it is indeed Jesus referencing that He, too, will have a new name that is yet to be revealed.

Jesus — the name that is confirmed as the highest above all names, and the only name by which men can be saved — is going to reveal a name that is… higher? Holier? Indicative of a sealing of the bond between Him and the one who overcomes? In my human mind, I honestly cannot process this. Is it just me, or did our “Mighty God” just become all the more fantastic with this incredible revelation?

All in His Time

There’s so much more to behold, friend. Our God is yet to reveal it all. In this season, revel in His name — all the glorious ones that we know. Delight in every chance you get to hear them, proclaim them, and meditate on them. We came to know it first on Christmas day as Mary followed the angel’s direction to name him Jesus. But some day, in His presence, part of our reward will be to finally know the ultimate, final true revelation of the power of the full name of our Emmanuel.