My friend recently told me about a situation in which she spoke too quickly and jumbled her words, causing a hilarious reaction. Days before, I was texting a friend about the news of the untimely death of a mutual acquaintance. In my rush, the autocorrect on the phone changed my words from “that’s unfathomable” to “that’s unfashionable” just as I was about to hit “Send.” Thankfully, I caught the mistake first! But oh, what a world of constant distraction we’re living in that’s hurting the relationships and good works God has planned for us.

A Weapon Being Formed Against Efficiency

While I don’t intend this to be a diatribe against technology or the blessings of all that our cell phones can do, I’m realizing that the things clamoring for my “immediate” attention are creating a weapon against God’s purposes. And certainly, we have participated in redefining what deserves our instant attention. When I get a text notification, weather or news alert, phone call, or incoming email, I find myself engaging in multiple tasks; leaving little boundary around what previously occupied my attention. I have allowed this weapon of distraction to grow and have actively nurtured it, justifying it as increased “efficiency.”

Holy Multitasking?

We may have gotten pretty good at multitasking, but if we’re supposed to do all we do for the glory of God, are we’re actually accomplishing that without our full presence in any one task? Are we dulling the shine on God’s glory when we divide our attention at a moment’s notice? What if we looked into God’s Word as often as we looked at our cell phone? I’m ashamed to admit that my screen time undoubtedly trumps my Scripture time because of what I have allowed to be a distraction in the pursuit of accomplishing “more.”

God, on the other hand, is the master of multitasking. In any given moment He’s busy counting hairs on my head while providing for the sparrow in a remote land. He’s protecting my kids playing in the front yard as He’s guiding the surgeon’s hands that are replacing someone’s heart. He’s giving my husband discernment at work while He’s gently waking my precious mother-in-law on the other coast. He is infinite in His power and ability. Me? I’m just trying to imitate Him and maybe overextending myself in the process.

Redirected to Accomplish More

Perhaps I can stop trying to take on holy multitasking, which only my Savior can do effectively. Perhaps I can become more aware of the weapon of distraction that’s drawing me so subtly and yet cumulatively from His purpose for me and from precious moments with the people in front of me. I can accomplish “less” and overcome distraction; the weapon that’s luring me away from what He wants to accomplish in my life. I just need to stay focused on the One who is worthy of my immediate and ongoing attention.