I never thought I’d see the day where I would be absolutely fascinated with reading reference books like Willmington’s Book of Bible Lists by legendary Bible scholar Harold L. Willmington. Yet as the sun came up today, I meditated on the section entitled “Three Activities in Heaven.” According to Willmington, the three activities are “singing, serving and learning.”

As a mom to three boys (none of who attend summer camp), I regularly remind them that summer days will include “playing, serving, and learning.” Admittedly, I was excited to realize that we were already doing much of what we will be doing in heaven. And if we do all to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31), then even our “playing” is a form of worship.

The Joy of Learning

What struck me most about this list, though, was considering the joy that these things currently bring me on earth and imagining how much greater these will be when removed from the distraction of sin. I consider the joy I get in learning of my sons’ dreams and aspirations, or of a place that my husband has always wanted to travel to, or of a funny thing that he did as a kid. I love learning of my friends’ adventures in ministry. I want to learn how to play guitar. And I love learning about the Creator of my soul. I can’t even imagine the joy of learning about Him in person in heaven – discovering what Jesus looks like, how He moves and interacts with those He calls His own, and how He will look at me. I’m certain there isn’t anything more dynamic and enlightening to learn about.

The Joy of Serving

For me, serving — like learning — was not necessarily a joyful experience as a kid, yet it has certainly grown into one as I get closer to Christ. As we serve, we reflect the very nature of our Creator (Matt. 20:28). And as I tell my sons, we experience true joy when we extend loving care towards others on this earth. If we are able to experience this much joy in serving each other as sinners here, how much more will we experience when we serve in a paradise paved with streets of gold?

The Joy of Singing

While I’m not pleasing anyone but God with my singing here on earth (yet I continue), in heaven I’ll be like the crazy person at the red light with windows down, blasting a favorite tune on a summer day and singing with all their might. My voice will finally be like one of angels! My new (2 Cor. 5:1–5) sinless hands will be up, my legs kicking out as I spin through the air, unlimited by gravity, dancing through a perfect, unbounded atmosphere.

What I’ll be doing in Heaven? Experiencing unblemished joy!