Every month I create checklists for each of my children that outlines their chores and responsibilities for each day. It’s a daunting task, but yet something I feel helps them to stay organized. I’m still surprised (and probably naïve however) at the end of the day when I go to check their lists and realize that they have forgotten some items. It should be difficult to forget when the written reminder is right in front of them!

Oh, but their mom is not much different, sadly. Each day, I have the written reminder of the Word right in front of me and I’m quick to forget all that God promises. I’m quick to forget what He’s done in my life and I’m quick to worry as though I simply can’t remember that He’s in control and knows every detail of my day. I’m as absentminded as my children!

He Sees

Sometimes I forget that God sees what I do and even how I struggle to get my own checklist done as well. I’m a professional editor and often edit lengthy manuscripts. While I genuinely enjoy most of the writers I work with, the task of staring at a computer screen for hours at a time trying to catch every punctuation mark out of place can sometimes feel exhausting. There are times when I just need motivation beyond my own flesh to continue to work well for my clients and my God. But I confess that I almost forgot that I have a God who sees that.


In just two weeks’ time, He graciously reminded me that He wasn’t absentminded about my circumstance. During one particular day editing a difficult manuscript, I came upon a story in which the author told of something miraculous that had happened in his life that was influential in bringing him to Christ. Naturally, the story caught my attention. But then I happened upon the date of the event. It was my birthday. As I looked away in amazement, I noticed my handwritten notes in the client’s folder on my desk. As though supernaturally illuminated, I realized that the same numbers as the date of my birthday had been written many times over on the notes page for various editing references. While the presence of the numbers held no power on their own, I felt that God brought them to my attention and was using them to reassure me of His presence and care.

Today in my last hour of editing and feeling a bit tired, I received an email that was an answer to a prayer to a personal concern I had prayed fervently about for a year. As I looked back to my screen, the epigraph on the client’s page was Psalm 5:3, which confirms that God hears us, and we can wait with expectation once we lay our requests at His feet.

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly” (NIV)

Jesus asked His disciples in Mark 4:40, “Do you still have no faith?” Oh Lord am I grateful that you are not absentminded but ever-present in our lives, seeing all and hearing all. I do believe Lord, I do have faith, Lord, but please, help me to not forget why.