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On the cover: Author and speaker Linda Evans Shepherd, founder of the prayer ministry Got to Pray: Transforming Life Through Prayer (

Photo courtesy Crystal Scheidies Photography


6              Wake Up and Suit Up

by Stephanie Rische

Linda Evans Shepherd shares though her life story — including a traumatic accident involving her daughter — how important it is to put on the full armor of God every day.

12           Created for a Purpose

by Ken Walker

Shepherds Ministries offers a range of amazing residential programs for those with intellectual disabilities. The staff at Shepherds not only lead these precious ones to salvation but teach them to live and work independently so they can reach their full God-given potential.

18           I Am Renamed

by Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt felt abandoned by an unwanted divorce and thought the word “divorce” now defined her identity. But then she discovered a freeing truth from Scripture about her true identity in Christ.

22           Bad Driver

by Adam Weber

The Tomorrowland Speedway at Walt Disney World is exhilarating, as long as there’s a steady, skilled hand at the wheel. But what happens when little Wilson takes the driver’s seat is a colorful illustration of what happens in our lives when we insist on doing thing our way.

26           An Angel Escort

by Max Davis

Just moments before Judy passed away in her hospital bed surrounded by loved ones, she spoke with great joy and awe about what she saw waiting for her.

28           The Bible: The Living Word

by Dan Brownell

Attacks on the Word of God continue to mount around the world, but the assault is no match for the Bible’s power and endurance.

30           Bible Resource Guide

by Brandon D. Smith and Dan Brownell

Learn about the various Bible translations and formats available to help you choose one that’s right for you. Also, find out how devotionals can enhance Scripture engagement.

40            Allergen-Friendly Church Potlucks

by Jessie Clemence

For the increasing number of people with allergies and other food sensitivities, church potlucks can unintentionally create barriers to fellowship or even cause sickness. Discover how your church can increase food safety and create a more welcoming atmosphere for all.


10           Living in Wisdom

Johnny’s Dream

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Advice on Supplements and Prescriptions

20           Live Right Now

Show Grace for Others Your Loving Care

24           Dave Says

Smart Money Management

27           Turning Point

A Garden of Grace

36           Persecution Report

Church Massacre in Cairo and Open Doors World Watch List 2017

50           Grace Notes

A Prisoner Set Free


4              The Fine Print

5              2017 Writing Contest

23           Daily Bible Connection

33           Word Search Puzzle

34           Quips & Quotes

43           Laugh Lines

44           Quick Takes

48           Kids of the Kingdom