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On the cover: Comedian, storyteller, singer, and songwriter Mark Lowry

Photo courtesy of Mark Lowry Media


6          A Daily Dose of Laughter

by Stephanie Rische

Mark Lowry didn’t set out to be a comedian or singer. In fact, he was a hyperactive kid stirring up trouble in school until he met a special teacher.

12        His Word Will Not Return Empty

by Michelle Rayburn

Founded in 1975, Community Bible Study feeds hungry souls with the Word of God, transforming lives in more than 100 countries and 80 languages.

18        A King Worth Living For

by Kori De Leon

When Westerners encounter a Middle Eastern perspective on royalty, they get a surprise.

22        A Lifestyle of Listening and Response

by Susie Larson

The Lord used Wintley Phipps’ practice of listening carefully to His voice to make an incredible eternal impact. We can do the same if we train our spiritual ears.

28        Faith, Fear, and a Financial Challenge

by Lori Hatcher

David had dropped out of college 20 years before. As a pastor, money was tight. He desperately wanted to finish school, but how would he come up with the money?

30        The Still, Small Voice

by Joanna Sanders

Joanna treasured Susan’s friendship, but when a rift developed with her over her faith in Jesus, she had to decide what to do.

42        Moms, Dads, and Grads Resource Guide

Spring is the time of year to celebrate parents and graduates. Check out these gift recommendations.

44        Invite Him Into the White Space

                by Sara Hagerty

Discover how to declutter your mind to make room for the Lord’s peace and direction.


10        Living in Wisdom

Leave an Inspiring Legacy

16        Ask Dr. Walt

Dieting and Health Food Advice

20        Live Right Now

Tackle Family Divisions With Grace

24        Dave Says

Learn Good Money Management Habits

26        Turning Point

Foggy Good Intentions

36        Persecution Report

North Korean Persecution and 2018 Open Doors World Watch List

50        Grace Notes

I Followed Jesus Into Jail


4          The Fine Print

19        Daily Bible Connection

27        Quips & Quotes

32        Quick Takes

34        Laugh Lines

48        Kids of the Kingdom