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On the cover: Andrew Brunson, American missionary to Turkey, taken hostage and held for two years before being released in October 2018.

Photo courtesy Patrick Robertson


6             Andrew Brunson: Pastor, Missionary, Hostage

by Stephanie Rische

While Andrew Brunson was imprisoned in Turkey on false charges, he sometimes wondered if God had                 abandoned him. But he eventually discovered that the Lord was accomplishing a mighty work through his                 ordeal.

12           The Bible Project

by Pam S. Walker

The Bible Project has produced more than 140 short, animated videos that show how all Scripture — from                 Genesis to Revelation — reveals a unified larger narrative that points to Jesus.

18           When Christian Celebrities Deny the Faith

by Tim Bennett

Several high-profile Christian leaders have recently recanted their faith. What does this mean for those who    follow Jesus?

28           Encouragement Resource Guide

Life can be complex and overwhelming, but we have Scripture and other resources to help us through                 difficult times. You’ll find comfort and direction in our encouragement resource guide.

30           When I Wished Upon a Star

by Brandon Lane Phillips, MD, and Jeremy Miller

When Growing Pains fan Brandon Lane Phillips met actor Jeremy Miller on set, the two had no idea that             God had arranged for their lives to cross paths again years later in an amazing turn of events.

34           The Lion and the Lamb

by Dan Brownell

Artist Sally Hale sought to work out her questions about suffering and evil through a painting of Aslan the        lion. After she finished, she was stunned to discover a figure in the painting that brought her great comfort.


10           Living in Wisdom

Enduring Joy

16           Ask Dr. Walt

The Best Diets

22           Live Right Now

Dealing With Compulsion, Control, and Fear

24           Turning Point

The Great Redeemer Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

26           Dave Says

Money Management Strategies

40           Persecution Report

Record Bombings in Sri Lanka Shake Christian Community

46           Grace Notes

Sanctified Through Motherhood


4             The Fine Print

15           “The Landing” Blog

25           Daily Bible Connection

33           Quips & Quotes

38           Laugh Lines

42           Quick Takes

44           Kids of the Kingdom