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On the cover: Dave and Ann Wilson, noted marriage counselors, conference speakers, and radio show hosts.

Photo courtesy Pete Pelletier


6          A Marriage That Points Heavenward

by Stephanie Rische

Dave Wilson thought he had a perfect marriage — until Ann dropped the bombshell. Discover how this couple restored their marriage so completely that they’ve become sought-after marriage counselors and co-hosts of FamilyLife Today.

12        God’s Greater Grace

by Pam S. Walker

Brigadier General Ron Harvell, the Air Force’s Deputy Chief of Chaplains, and his wife, Marsha, have developed a powerful ministry to disciple Christians and train them to disciple others.

18        Soul Hunger: Satisfy Your Heart’s Deepest Longing

by J. Otis Ledbetter

Hunger of the soul is just as real and unrelenting as physical hunger. Rather than trying to ignore those deep cravings, learn how to satisfy them according to God’s plan.

28        Spiritual Growth Resource Guide

Find books to help you grow deeper in your faith.

30        A Closer Look at the ’90s Best-Selling Christian Book I Kissed Dating Goodbye

by Tim Bennett

The book I Kissed Dating Goodbye earned rave reviews when it hit the bookshelves in 1997. It has sold more than a million copies since its release, but it’s now facing such severe criticism that it’s being pulled from the market. Learn the story behind the controversy.


10        Living in Wisdom

Faithfulness: Mirroring God’s Character

16        Ask Dr. Walt

Get the Skinny on Protecting Your Skin

20        Live Right Now

Is it Okay to Be Nosy or To Intervene?

24        Dave Says

Preventing and Cleaning Up Debt

26        Turning Point

Bearing With One Another

38        Persecution Report

Heartbreak in Nigeria

46        Grace Notes

Without My Shoes


4          The Fine Print

22        Daily Bible Connection

40        Laugh Lines

42        Quick Takes

44        Kids of the Kingdom