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6             Let Your Novel Go Into All the World

by Stephanie Rische

Working as a research and writing team, Bodie and Brock Thoene have created riveting historical novels that have helped millions of readers see biblical themes through fresh eyes.

12           1st Place — Misery, Mercy, and Miracles

by Nicole Naranjo

Nicole was a single mother of two at just 22 years old. Overcome with hopelessness, she sought solace in the bottle. But then she heard a message that turned her world around.

14           2nd Place — The Painful, Joyful Love of a Temporary Family

by Andrea Gordon

The Gordons risked heartbreak when they took in two young foster children. Within weeks, their worst fear came true when they had to give them up. What drives this family to take this risk again and again?

16           3rd Place — A King of Hope

by Tara Lyle

Tara and the other women in their correctional facility didn’t feel much hope until a new superintendent arrived with a listening ear and a supportive Christian environment.

24           Author Spotlight

Leading Christian authors DiAnn Mills, Melanie Dobson, Ann Spangler, and Allison Bottke share what motivates them to write and how they bring their books to life.

30           Writers Resource Guide

You’ll find almost every service a writer could ever need here, including editing, proofreading, indexing, graphic design, translation, publishing, printing, marketing, and more.

40           Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones? We’ve got something for everyone.

54           Original VeggieTales Returning With 18 New Episodes

by Dan Brownell

When the Bible-based VeggieTales series ended in 2003, it was replaced with a secular version. But now Phil Vischer is back with new shows celebrating fresh scriptural truths through his zany characters.


10           Living in Wisdom

Valued, Cherished, and Loved

18           Ask Dr. Walt

Extend Your Lifespan by a Decade or More

20           Turning Point

The 10 Bibles

22           Live Right Now

Handling Family Challenges

28           Dave Says

Manage Your Money or It Will Manage You!

36           Persecution Report

Iraqi Christians Still Experiencing Persecution, Dwindling Numbers

62           Grace Notes

When Sinners Get Sick


4             The Fine Print

11           Daily Bible Connection

35           Laugh Lines

38           Quick Takes

53           Quips & Quotes

60           Kids of the Kingdom