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On the cover: Melany Carlson, popular author of books for women, teens, and children. In 2019, an adaptation of her novel All Summer Long was made into a Hallmark movie.

6    Melody Carlson: Crafter of Words, Lover of Stories
by Stephanie Rische
Melody Carlson didn’t find her calling as an author until she was in her 30s, but since then she’s written more than 200 books, with a focus on the grand story of redemption.

12   2020 Writing Contest 1st Place — An Unexpected Prayer Closet
by Kristi Woods
Life is a spiritual battle that can only be successfully fought on our knees. One mom watched victory unfold as her son’s high school football team turned into prayer warriors for the Lord.

14   2020 Writing Contest 2nd Place — Queenie
by Ann Kronwald
As a young girl, Jill earned the nickname “Queenie” for being bossy. Now after a lifetime of walking with Jesus, she’s given that moniker an entirely different meaning.

16   2020 Writing Contest 3rd Place — Mercy House: A Refuge for the Hurting
by Jen Allee
Beverly Metzger turned her loss into an offering to the Lord for those who need a temporary place to stay.

28   Author Spotlight
Joel Rosenberg, Lynn Austin, and Mesu Andrews share a behind-the-scenes look at their inspiration and writing processes.

32   Writers Resource Guide
Find almost every service a writer needs, including training, editing, proofreading, graphic design, translation, traditional publishing, self-publishing, printing, marketing, fulfillment, distribution, and more.

36  Creating a New Story Through Grace Relations
by Pam Walker
Dr. Charles Ware, founder of the groundbreaking ministry Grace Relations, explains why true, lasting racial reconciliation is built through loving relationships.

39  Why Hymns Endure the Test of Time
by Laura Smith
Contemporary songs often skyrocket to the top of the charts only to be forgotten and replaced with new hits. Hymns, however, are passed from generation to generation. Discover what sets them apart.

41  Christmas Gift Guide
Find gifts here that honor the Lord and encourage spiritual growth.

10  Living in Wisdom
A Servant’s Heart

18   Ask Dr. Walt
Healthy Habits for Lifetime

22   Live Right Now
Dealing With Disappointment

24  Turning Point
Healer of the Brokenhearted

26  Dave Says
Long-Term Financial Planning

58   Persecution Report
India’s Hindus Increase Attacks on Christians

62   Grace Notes
The Ugly Doll

4   The Fine Print

20  “The Landing” Blog

25  Daily Bible Connection

54   Laugh Lines

56   Quick Takes

60   Kids of the Kingdom