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On the cover: Author and speaker Mary DeMuth.

Photo by Tina Howard.


6 From Outcast to Overcomer: Mary DeMuth “Restoried”

by Stephanie Rische

Mary DeMuth experienced a traumatic childhood, but when she gave her life to Jesus as a teen, the Lord            began rewriting her life story. Now her passion is to help others find freedom and healing as well.

12 Minno Nets Christian Kids’ TV Shows

by Pam S. Walker

Minno is a new faith-friendly TV streaming service specifically for children. But it also includes Minno Life,       a parenting resource hub with a blog, family devotions, Christian education, and much more.

18 Heads Up: Physician-Assisted Suicide Legislation Coming Your Way

by Tim Bennett

A 1997 Supreme Court decision left legislation about physician-assisted suicide up to individual states.              Since then, activists have gotten it passed in a number of states and are aggressively working on the rest.

28 Moms, Dads & Grads Resource Guide

If you’re looking for parenting resources for yourself or for a gift for family or friends, you’ll find excellent                 products here.

32 Mom, My Pillar of Strength

by Frances Smith

Frances’s mother, Myrtle, has helped her family weather the fiercest storms of life. Her immoveable    foundation doesn’t come from her own strength, though. It comes from her faith in Jesus.

34 Finding Blessings in God’s Delays

by Barb Roose

Barb thought her plans were better than the Lord’s and grew angry when He didn’t meet        her expectations.                 Discover the incredible surprise He had for her when she finally changed her perspective.


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