Born Again to See the Unborn

When I was pregnant with my son almost nine years ago, I remember the surreal moment of seeing his image for the first time on the ultrasound. Recently, while doing research for an upcoming article, I was invited to visit a local pregnancy center, and it was here that I saw the images of the unborn children on the ultrasound screen in a whole new light. While I was only visiting Mosaic Virginia that day to gather information for an article, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes as I heard the Maker himself gently point through my heart at the images and whisper, “I did that.”

I realized then that the Holy Spirit in me was allowing me to see and hear the Maker of those images like I never had before in the seven years since I had accepted Jesus. And although the images on the screen weren’t of my child, I was able to connect with them as if they were, through the Holy Spirit. With that, I realized the unbelievable impact organizations like this are making.

Not a Plea for Pro-Life

Nope. I don’t have an agenda to convince you to be Pro-Life. This is actually written to let you know that at one point in my life, I considered myself to be “Pro-Choice”. Back then, if it were left to me to make a choice about something or to acknowledge that the choice didn’t belong to me, I would always have chosen my way. It wasn’t really that I was ever in support of abortion — it was more about just wanting control. For me, being “Pro-Choice” was actually about being “Pro-Control.”

Thank God I was never in a position to choose, and when I got pregnant, it was anticipated and hoped for, within marriage. But what I’ve realized is that much of this issue of control — at least for me — HAD to change when I submitted to Christ. I simply couldn’t submit my life and my heart to Christ and maintain the idea that I have control over someone else’s heart or life. When you realize that all of you belongs to Him, you also realize that it ALL belongs to Him. Even the unborn — because they are no more unfinished than you or me, until we come into His presence (Phil 1:6).

A Different View

Being born again helped me to see the unborn in a way I hadn’t before. And I wondered if being unborn was actually a step closer to where we all should be — humble and dependent on our Heavenly Father. If it’s true that after we accept Christ we are to continually die to self (Col 3:3, Luke 17:33, Rom 8:13), then isn’t our state before our earthly birth actually a step closer in “not being part of this world” (John 15:19)? What reason then, other than our own pride or blindness, to not recognize the proximity of the precious unborn, to God?


Joanna Sanders is a graduate of Villanova University and Moody Theological Seminary. She’s also the founder and head writer of, which provides biblical content support, writing, and editing. Most importantly, she is wife to Geoff and mom to three godly men-in-training. Her blog name “The Landing” comes from the account of the Ark resting on the mountain, creating a settled place — a landing — for man to start over, which echoes her new life in Christ.

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