This week, with the new year upon us, I was encouraged to see several Scripture references to how God makes all things new, including Isaiah 43:19 and Revelation 21:5. I’m reminded that God enjoys regularly making things new — just as the morning and the mercies are new each and every day. I’m grateful for His constant dedication to renewal in our life.

When We Don’t Want “New”

Yet what about when we don’t want “new”? There was a popular graphic on Facebook recently in which a little girl stands in front of Jesus with her small teddy bear behind her back as Jesus leans down in front of her with an arm out asking for her to hand over the teddy bear. Behind His back, His other hand holds a new, larger version of her teddy bear. The girl’s caption reads, “But I love it” and His, “I know.” Today, I felt like that little girl as I turned over a beloved relationship to Him, not knowing what His plan will be for it. The truth is that I don’t want “new,” at least not yet. I want the old, and I miss the old. I am an impatient child at best, hesitant to give up her teddy bear.

I tend to second-guess myself in insecurity and try to understand my part in what is obviously a damaged relationship. I surely haven’t been perfect because I have no ability to be. But why should I hold back? Look at Who I’m giving it to. Standing my ground to fight and fix the relationship has actually gotten in the way of all that God can — and just may — make new.

Even if I have truly failed in my well-intended efforts, getting out of God’s way is the better option because He reminds us that He fixes and fights on our behalf. My inability to trust that His way is better than mine, His fight stronger than mine, and His renewal greater than mine does more harm than good at this point. How foolish I would be to not want God’s “new.”

Our Role in the Renewal

There’s a hilarious scene in the recent movie Peter Rabbit in which the rooster has a fit because the sun rose again. He’s upset because he mistakenly assumed that when the sun went down the previous day that it went down for good. I’m grateful to say that even with the heaviest of hearts, I can find the great humor in this and realize that we’re sometimes like the rooster. When we fight and resist the new, we might as well be like the rooster upset at the new day. It’s God’s character to renew. It’s our role to praise Him even — and especially — when He makes it all new.