This week, I had the opportunity to attend Fervent 2.0, a night of worship in Ashburn, Virginia, with Priscilla Shirer and her brother Anthony Evans. While it was exciting to not only meet and interact with someone who I deeply respect and admire in ministry, I was once again moved at how God revealed Himself in many ways throughout the night. One of those ways was when Priscilla prompted us all to “storm heaven” with fervent prayers for one another.

One Heart, Two Requests

In addition to the prayer that took place right then, we were all prompted to fill out a prayer request card and drop it in a basket near the stage. Those baskets were then moved to the exits of the arena, where we were all instructed to take someone else’s card and pray “fervently” for their specific prayer request for the next seven days.

As I was leaving, the basket near my exit had been emptied. Without giving it much thought, I made my way through the thousands of other women toward another exit. I was finally able to locate another basket that still had some cards. I took a breath, asked God to lead my hand, and that’s when I found Michele’s request. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t meant to find a card in that first basket near my exit because I was supposed to find Michele’s in the other one.

We serve a mighty God who has prepared my heart to know how to pray for this sister. He’s so big, so purposeful in everything He does, that He saw us both there. He saw our hearts and arranged our divine appointment. So Michele, I want you to know that I’m specifically praying for you. I’m going to write this next part to you and trust Him to put it in front of you somehow.

For You, His Confirmation

Michele, we share the same name. My middle name is your first name, and it’s spelled the same way — with one “l” instead of the typical two. My heart is also sometimes heavy in not knowing how to pray for my sons, and how to be the mom that God has called me to be for them. The prayer request you wrote for you and your husband aligns with the same heart I have for my husband. Some of the words that you used in your request were the very same words my husband and I used in our wedding vows.

Michele, for three hours, we not only sat in the same room together, but we stormed heaven together, not knowing that we were being aligned for more than just one night. We have the same prayer request. The cry of your heart is also the cry of my heart. And I’m honored to walk with you through this.

God saw us both, sister. And if you’re out there and He wants you to hear it and have that confirmation just once more, then, here it is. I’m quietly storming heaven for you. And if it’s again in the same room or on the other side of this life, I’m going to be anticipating fervently praising Him for the victory, once more together with you.