The NFL recently fined a Christian player for wearing a bandanna with the words “Man of God” under his helmet. This is just one more example of how Christian expressions are increasingly offending a society that claims “progress.” I’m grateful for men like this who are willing to be bold for Christ in spite of pressure to conform. They have great power to lead and are desperately needed. And while the courage of these men is greatly appreciated, I also sense an uprising among women of God that I’ve never witnessed before.

Pursuing Raw Truth

This past weekend I participated in a women’s conference that challenged and confronted attendees to live out raw biblical truth. I was privileged to meet some mighty women of God who could barely contain their passion. They didn’t back down and weren’t offended by truth. Rather, they were convicted by truth and accepted and pursued the changes necessary to follow Jesus more boldly.

Make no mistake. I’m not a feminist. There’s nothing godly about any “ism” that promotes self over Jesus. I’m a Christian woman and I know that as a woman of God, I’m both complementary and necessary to my husband, making us united in Christ. My husband’s headship doesn’t negate the gifts that God has given me uniquely to worship and honor Him as a woman or the beautiful role that I have as a “helpmate” to my husband.

A Global Uprising

The amazing trend that I’m witnessing is a powerful uprising of women who are using their voice for Jesus while still simultaneously respecting and honoring their husband’s headship and authority as well as their pastor’s. I love this beautiful charge of women who are willing to stand for this biblical place of honor and lead other sisters to do so as well.

It’s not just in the United States that women are making their voice heard for Jesus though. In fact, in persecuted countries like Iran, they’re leading the charge. According to an article by Mark Ellis, the founder of God Reports , “For the last few years, researchers have credited the underground church in Iran as the fastest growing Christian church in the world.” Ellis adds that among Christians in Iran, “about 55% of the disciple makers are women.” But Ellis points out that “the women leaders in Iran have not embraced a feminist theology…. In a biblical way they are submissive to proper structure and the order of the church, but when it comes to what Satan is doing, they are fierce. These are not like modern angry liberal women that are just upset. No, there is a gentleness and submissiveness that is beautiful and follows the biblical pattern.” These women are brave, committed disciples, Ellis explains. “They’re going out in the highways and byways sharing with prostitutes, drug addicts, with everybody they come into contact with, and that takes courage. They are courageous women.” Read Ellis’ full article at

The Female Front Line

The Bible confirms in 2 Timothy that spiritual warfare will continue to grow more intense. But bold Christians — and in growing numbers, bold Christian women — are rising to the challenge and are calling out to the Lord for strength and wisdom to bring our culture back to the place where it once again respects and obeys God. The women out front might be the ones to surprise us all with their passion and determination, all while maintaining a humble and submissive spirit that’s pleasing to the Lord.