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On the cover: Donna Gaines, Bible teacher, author, educator, and wife of Steve Gaines, a pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis.


6             A Cord of Three Strands

by Alice N. Daniels

Donna Gaines serves her church faithfully as a pastor’s wife, but she’s making an enormous impact in her community and across the country as well.

12           Taking the Gospel to America

by Ken Walker

The veteran Colorado Springs-based ministry Every Home for Christ has led nearly 175 million to Christ overseas over the last 70 years. Now it’s bringing the gospel to America too.

18           New Life

by Vince Antonucci

When Warren, a hardcore atheist, attended a service at Verge to destroy the church, he found something very different from what he was expecting.

24           Can God Trust You?

by Charles F. Stanley

Will you trust and obey God no matter what?

26           Bible Study Resource Guide

by Dan Brownell

Bibles and books to help you make a deeper, more lasting connection with the Word.  

34           Keep Them Close

by Elece Hollis

Learn how to maintain close ties with grandchildren whose parents have split up.

42           Is One Person Worth the Effort?

by Valerie Cullers

What if only one person comes to the Bible study?, Valerie wondered. The answer counters conventional wisdom.

44           An Undercover Barnabas

by Brent Gambrell

Brent regularly asked humble, obedient “Mr. Bob” to do menial jobs around the church. Months later, Brent was stunned to discover who Mr. Bob really was.


10           Living in Wisdom

Digging Into the Word

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Pros and Cons of

Various Ingredients

22           Live Right Now

Help for Troubled Families

30           Dave Says

Leverage Investments Judiciously

32           Turning Point

Treasure From the Ashes

40           Persecution Report

Reign of Terror on Christian Girls in Egypt

50           Grace Notes

Praising God With Voice and Piano


4             The Fine Print

33           Daily Bible Connection

36           Quick Takes

38           Laugh Lines

45           Valentines Word Search

46           Quips & Quotes

48           Kids of the Kingdom