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On the cover: Pam Tebow, speaker, author, pro-life advocate, and mother of quarterback Tim Tebow.

Copyright © 2018 by T. Hawkins Photography. All rights reserved.


6             Pam Tebow: Living a Life of Purpose and Influence

by Stephanie Rische

Pam Tebow didn’t seek fame, but her star athlete son, Tim, brought her into the spotlight. She’s using that platform and her everyday life to share the gospel with the world.

12           American Heritage Girls & Trail Life USA: Partners in Pursuit of Biblical Values

by Pam S. Walker

Two ministries offer a Christian alternative to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Featuring spiritual-and character-building activities, they promote leadership for the next generation.

18           No Such Thing as Luck

by Wendi Lou Lee

Wendi and her twin sister played Grace on Little House on the Prairie. But Wendi’s greatest role is sharing the news that God has a plan for each of our lives.

28           Relationships Resource Guide

Learn how relationships can be enriched by applying biblical principles.

32           Countering the Culture of Outrage: How to Build Bridges in a Polarized Society

by Tim Bennett

In a world full of rage, Christians need to master the skill of communicating peacefully and effectively without compromising truth.

38           When the Father Knits: God’s Creativity Revealed in Us

by Jessica Edwards

Our heavenly Father demonstrates His astonishing handiwork with each child He fashions in the womb.


10           Living in Wisdom

Amazing Grace

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Be Flexible!

22           Live Right Now

Think Before You Act

24           Turning Point

A Prayer Answered Through Music

26           Dave Says

Win the Budget Battle

40           Persecution Report

Christian Women Suffer Extreme Persecution

46           Grace Notes

A Peek Through the Curtain


4             The Fine Print

25           Daily Bible Connection

37           Laugh Lines

42           Quick Takes

44           Kids of the Kingdom