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On the cover: Author and speaker Jamie Ivey

Photo courtesy Kelly Rucker


6             Courageous Vulnerability: Jamie Ivey on the Power of Sharing Our Stories

by Stephanie Rische

Janie Ivey’s urgent call to authentic community comes out her past brokenness and disconnection.

12           Care Net: Delivering Pro-Abundant Life Through The Great Commission

by Joanna Sanders

Care Net’s pro-life ministry includes far more than just saving babies. It’s about bringing couples to Christ and discipling them so the whole family experiences abundant life.

18           A Star-Spangled Tribute to “In God We Trust”

by Dr. Mike Fuljenz

A coin expert reveals the fascinating story of how “In God We Trust” became America’s national motto and why it was added to our coins and paper currency.

20           Paul, Apostle of Christ

The new Christian film Paul, Apostle of Christ, starring Jim Caviezel, reveals both the horror of persecution under Nero and the powerful way Jesus transformed Paul from enemy of the church into a willing martyr.

24           Unbridled Faith

by Cara Whitney

Cara Whitney, wife of Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), shares her Damascus Road experience that changed her contempt for Christianity into a profound love for the Lord and His followers.

30    Apologetics, Evangelism, and Discipleship Resource Guide

Find products to help carry out The Great Commission.

32           Growing in Grace

by Alisha Ritchie

Author and blogger Alisha Ritchie explains how growing tomatoes is a metaphor for spiritual growth and follows up with her recipe for tomato pie.


10           Living in Wisdom

The Mission Field Is in Arms Reach

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

22           Live Right Now

Deal With Problems at Their Root

26           Dave Says

Important Principles for Making Financial Decisions

28           Turning Point

Just Keep Going Forward

40           Persecution Report

Some Persecuted Christians Risking Their Lives for the Word of God

46           Grace Notes

A New Heart


4             The Fine Print

29           Daily Bible Connection

36           Laugh Lines

38           Quips & Quotes

42           Quick Takes

44           Kids of the Kingdom