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On the cover: Marty Rabon, lead singer of Shenandoah

Photo courtesy Marty Rabon


6             Marty Rabon: A Life Transformed by the Master

by Juliette Vara

While Marty was enjoying a successful singing career, his battle with alcohol was destroying his family. Then a heartwrenching prayer set him free.

12           Leading FamilyLife Into the Future

by Ken Walker

FamilyLife founder Dennis Rainey recently passed the leadership mantle to David Robbins, but Dennis and his wife, Barbara, are still enthusiastically contributing behind the scenes.

18           Prayer Has No Barriers

by Jim Maxim with Cathy Maxim and Daniel Henderson

No one is out of reach of prayer’s transforming power — not even at 30,000 feet.

20           Grandparents Day of Prayer 2018

On Sept. 9, join other grandparents interceding for their grandchildren in a world hostile to God.

24           A Voice to Praise His Name

by Lee Strobel

Pastor Duane Miller’s voice was almost completely silenced by a virus, and doctors gave no hope of recovery — but God wasn’t limited by their prognosis.

30           Silence the Accuser

by Becky Harling

Satan likes to intimidate and neutralize Christians through condemnation and shame. Learn how to muzzle him.

32           The Miracle of Giving Thanks

by Emerson Eggerichs

Ron and Sue thought the chaplain’s advice seemed crazy, but they were astonished when they followed it.

38           Health Resource Guide

Find resources for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational well-being.

40           Homeschool Myths Dispelled

by Sam Sorbo

Discover why common myths about homeschooling are unfounded and simply wrong.

44           Heroes for Her

by Erin Weidemann

Help your girls find healthy role models by pointing them to the heroines of Scripture.

46           Don’t Take Love for Granted

by Rhonda Stoppe

Treasure your marriage and invest in its success while you can.


10           Living in Wisdom

The Folly of Chasing Groundhogs

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Treatment of Poison Ivy Rash, Migraines, and More

22           Live Right Now

Confront Difficult Situations With Wisdom

26           Dave Says

Advice on Giving, Saving, and Investing

28           Turning Point

Swimming Lessons

36           Persecution Report

Persecution Takes Toll on Christian Children Worldwide

50           Grace Notes

When Fear and Faith Collide


4             The Fine Print

29           Daily Bible Connection

34           Quick Takes

43           Laugh Lines

47           Quips & Quotes

48           Kids of the Kingdom