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On the cover: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, outspoken Christian, participant in Survivor: Australian Outback, and past cohost of The View and Fox & Friends.

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6          Elisabeth Hasselbeck: from TV Show Host to Chief Breakfast Officer

by Stephanie Rische

From her debut on Survivor to her final episode on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s faith passed the fiery test of endurance. Now she’s flourishing in a new chapter in her life.

12        The Chosen: A Pioneering TV Series Proclaims Jesus’ Transforming Power

by Dan Brownell

For the first time ever, a TV show will present an in-depth look at how Jesus changed the lives of His disciples.

18        Set Free

by Kandi Gallaty

Although it was Kandi’s father who was behind bars, Kandi had to deal with imprisonment of another kind.

22        For the Highest Advantage of Others

by Daniel Hamlin

Daniel ignored the Holy Spirit’s warning not to surf that day. Only by God’s grace is he able to recount the terrifying story now.

30        Moms, Dads & Grads Resource Guide

Gifts and resources for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduates.

42        National Day of Prayer

Learn how to lead or join a prayer gathering on Thurs, May 2.


10        Living in Wisdom

Living a Godly Life

16        Ask Dr. Walt

Natural Remedies: Good and Bad News

20        Live Right Now

Dealing With Intense Hardships

26        Dave Says

Wise Counsel for Common Financial Challenges

28        Turning Point

Anna’s Prayer Lesson

36        Persecution Report

Indian Girl Remains Faithful Despite Beatings; Persecution on the Increase Around the World

46        Grace Notes

A Life Fulfilled


4          The Fine Print

29        Daily Bible Connection

34        Quick Takes

40        Laugh Lines

44        Kids of the Kingdom