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On the cover: Award-winning author and speaker Jolina Petersheim


6             Beyond Bonnets and Buggies

by Stephanie Rische

Jolina Petersheim creates riveting novels about the simple life of the Amish. Drawing on her childhood experiences, she portrays her characters warts and all, showing their need for grace and the gospel too.

12           1st Place: A Babysitter’s Legacy

by Nancy Krampert

Edna Purcell led 9-year-old Nancy Krampert to the Lord, changing her life forever. Decades later, prompted by her gratitude, Nancy set out on a search to find her long-lost mentor.

14           2nd Place: Violet Miracles

by Julianne Gott

Doctors advised Julianne Gott to terminate her pregnancy, but the Lord confirmed her decision to go full-term through a special name and a delicate purple-shaded flower.

16           3rd Place: Giving Her All

by Cindy O. Herman

Cindy found joy and success in her job, but then it was yanked out from under her. Bitterness threatened to destroy her, but then she discovered the Lord had a greater plan.

20           Museum of the Bible Opens the Word of God to the World

by Ken Walker

The high-tech Museum of the Bible will showcase Scripture’s pivotal role in history. Just blocks from the Capitol Building, it’s expected to draw visitors from around the world.

30           Let There Be Light

by Dan Brownell

In the new faith-based movie starring Kevin Sorbo, an atheist who experiences a near death experience grapples with the truth that there really is a God and life after death.

36           Author Spotlight

Renowned Christian writers Karen Kingsbury, Randy Alcorn, Walter Wangerin, and Cynthia Heald share insights about writing from their experience.

36           Rhythm and Flow: Keys to Excellent Writing

by Joyce K. Ellis

Effective writing, like a master musical composition, employs a rhythm that’s pleasing to the ear. Learn the secret to capturing and holding a reader’s attention with smooth-flowing prose.


10           Living in Wisdom

Serving Others From Head to Toe

18           Ask Dr. Walt

Which Supplements Are Worth the Money?

25           Live Right Now

Lack of Consideration Can Ruin Relationships

26           Turning Point

He Murdered My Uncle

28           Dave Says

Reduce Risk by Following Sound Financial Principles

46           Persecution Report

South Sudan Struggling With Civil War, Humanitarian Crisis

50           Grace Notes

Praying Through Fear


4             The Fine Print

32           Quick Takes

35           Daily Bible Connection

34           Laugh Lines

48           Kids of the Kingdom