Someone recently told me that “my big was too small.” By that, they meant that my dreams of what was big — or even too big or unattainable — were limited compared to what they saw as possible. This made me think about the abundant life Jesus wants for us (John 10:10) and how He has always given me much, much more than anything I ever prayed for specifically. And I wondered how often God looks at us, and shakes His head, knowing that our dreams, thoughts, and goals are never near as big as His (Isaiah 55: 8–9).

His Plans Are Bigger Than Ours

I lived more than three decades working to accomplish my dreams on my own, only to find out Christ was 100% real and was ready all along to give me more than what I was trying for. I was working and hustling and planning and even at times scheming to get my dreams, but after I got them, they fell apart. I never had any ability to secure them on my own because my house and my dreams were built on sand rather than on Jesus (Matt 7:26).

Yet in the seven years since my salvation, I’m now learning that my “big” is not “too big.” When I work to secure His ideals, rather than my own, my dreams come true before my eyes. Or He brings something even better than what I dreamed. No, this is not “The Secret” (aka the law of attraction), it’s the law of love. God is love (1 John 4:8 and 4:16b) and it’s His ultimate interest to work out His plans through you when you give Him your whole heart.

He will work out His plans through you when you give Him your whole heart.

Not Just More, But Abundantly More

Read Ephesians 3:20. Depending on your translation you will see “abundantly more,” “abundantly beyond,” “immeasurably more,” “exceedingly abundantly above,” or “infinitely more” used to describe what God does in comparison to what we ask or think. Consider the fact that this Scripture could have just talked about how immeasurably great and powerful our God is; but that’s not the primary message. The primary message here is the contradiction that our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes, and even our requests are just too small compared to the power and the glory of the One who loves us enough to not stop there.

Make Sure Jesus is the Center of Your Heart

So today, what’s stopping us from dreaming even bigger? If Jesus is the center of your heart, then not even the sky’s the limit. He’ll top it. He’ll make it bigger. Your big is too small. He promises.