This week I saw a video that puts creation and eternity in perspective. It dramatically portrayed the size of earth in proportion to other planets, suns, and celestial bodies in our galaxy, and then in relation to the size of the universe in general — spanning billions of light years. I can’t wrap my mind around such an immense distance, nor the fact that Earth is just a tiny speck in comparison. But I do know two things for sure.

A Stunning Realization That Brings Me to My Knees

First, our God is the God of the universe. He knows every single detail of everything spanning those billions of light years and is sovereign over it all. Second, in all of eternity, there will be just one of me. That’s not meant to be a self-centered statement. The fact that He has made me part of His grand plan brings me to my knees in awe. He intended for my life to make a small impact in a unique, but crucial way. The Bible says He planned my good works ahead of time (Eph. 2:10). I was part of the unfolding plan of the entire universe at this moment in time. But why? Why me?

Reflecting His Glory

The Bible tells me that I was not only created through Him, but for Him (Col. 1:16). Truthfully, I just want the world to see Him now. I believe that God is going to demonstrate His love uniquely through me to a corner of the world that needs to see Him. In a sense, all believers are like mirrors that reflect His character in various degrees of clarity, according to our maturity and Christlikeness. My mirror began quite cloudy but the closer I get to Him, the more that mirror is becoming shinier and reflecting more light with an increasingly sharper focus.

Created for a Purpose

As part of His grand plan, I’m grateful to take the time to realize that, as each day ends, I have one less day to reflect His light in whatever way I was specifically intended to do that. Knowing I was created with purpose speaks an urgency in my heart to do better with the remaining time that I have.
In Luke 19:40, Jesus said that if He stops the worshipers, that even the rocks will cry out in their place. As the popular song lyric says: “Ain’t no rock gonna cry out in my place.” If we miss the opportunity to worship, then aren’t we missing out on part of our mission is to make His glory known in our part of the world? No rock, no other person and no other thing was intended to do what you, or I were purposed for in this world. Delight in the Creator’s intention. He knew exactly why it should be you.