It’s hard not to love this time of year when everything comes to life once more, sometimes even flowers and blooms we don’t remember or expect from previous years. It is a joy to see something blossom, especially when you’re not sure if the seed you planted actually took root or not. Such was my experience when I went to the mailbox the other day. In it, was a handwritten card from a name I vaguely recognized but couldn’t initially place. As I read, I realized that it was a seed that had unexpectedly blossomed.

An Unexpected Planting

Two years prior, just before making the move from New Jersey to Virginia, I was visiting my local doctor to get my last allergy shot and my records. I remember that the appointment had to be rearranged slightly and I ended up seeing an alternate doctor at the practice that day. While I don’t recall the details of our dialogue entirely, I remember that the conversation had turned to God. The doctor told me that she used to believe in Him, until certain life events occured, that had influenced her to lose faith.

While I may have been feeling a bit braver to talk to her, knowing that I would be moving and not be seeing her regularly, I had a strong sense that I was to tell her that God “wanted her back.” Just prior to leaving, I took a deep breath and told her I was ok with her thinking that I was crazy, but that I had a strong sense that I was supposed to deliver that message to her. She received it somewhat unexpectedly with some surprise and confusion, and thanked me as I left.

A Continued Prompt

About six months passed, and this doctor came to my heart again during the holidays. I knew that another doctor at the practice (one who I regularly saw) was a passionate believer, and I had wondered if working in that environment had impacted her at all. I wondered if the Holy Spirit was pressing upon her to hear Him through others. I knew it seemed quite odd again and a bit irrational, but I decided to mail her a Christmas card from my new address and let her know that I was still sensing the need to deliver that same message of love.

A Beautiful Bloom

The card I found in my mailbox two days ago, was an Easter card — from the doctor. It had blooms all over the front of it. And inside was a note she wrote thanking me for the Christmas card I had sent two years earlier and asking if I would continue to pray for her because she was “feeling” my prayers. I was absolutely floored and in awe of the beautiful bloom that I wasn’t expecting.

While the Bible confirms that some seeds never take root, we should continue to plant and trust that He will continue to water as He wills. If there’s anyone reading this that needs a little encouragement today to be brave and bold with someone and continue to faithfully plant seeds, I hope you have heard this message written for you today. Just when you least expect it, something beautiful may bloom.