On the cover: Jennie Allen, noted author, speaker, and founder of IF:Gathering (ifgathering.com).


6              Taking Captive Every Thought

by Stephanie Rische

Jennie Allen discovered that brain science backs up the Bible’s claim that we can be set free from toxic           emotions. Learn what Scripture has to say about this important topic.

12           PeaceWithGod.net: Evangelism and Discipleship on the Digital Superhighway

by Dan Brownell

People are desperately searching for answers to life’s problems. PeaceWithGod.net, a ministry of the Billy     Graham Evangelistic Association, shares God’s answers with people around the globe through the Internet.

18           A Call for Revival

by Dan Brownell

In the past, Christians have called out to God for revival, and He has answered, changing entire       countries. The time is long overdue for us to call on Him again in humble repentance and prayer.

29           Family and Teen Resource Guide

Resources for families with teens and college-bound kids.

30           Is COVID-19 Prophesied in the Bible?

by Dr. Mark Hitchcock

Is the pandemic God’s judgment? Prophecy expert Dr. Mark Hitchcock sheds light on this captivating           question.

32           Joe Duthie: From Gang Member to Team Builder for Christ

by Nancy Gravatt

Joe Duthie leads evangelistic teams of nationals in 22 countries. Read the amazing story of how God               saved and transformed a gang member in India to lead Ambassadors for Christ international.

36           Raising Up Dreamers

by Shelia Erwin

Shelia Erwin, mother of Christian filmmakers Andrew and Jon Erwin, explains the biblical principles she      taught her sons that were foundational to their success.


10           Living in Wisdom

The Privilege of Prayer

16           Ask Dr. Walt

Lower the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

22           Live Right Now

Finding Forgiveness

24           Turning Point

Learning to Trust God in Difficult Times

26           Dave Says

Budgeting to Guide Decisions

40           Persecution Report

Nepal Uses COVID-19 to Persecute Christians

46           Grace Notes

Lessons From My Garden


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15           “The Landing” Blog

25           Daily Bible Connection

28           Quips & Quotes

38           Laugh Lines

42           Quick Takes

44           Kids of the Kingdom