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On the cover: Author and speaker Tricia Goyer.

Photo courtesy Amy Bell, Studio Bella Photos and Design


8             One Step at a Time

by Peg Carmack Short

By her mid-teens, Tricia Goyer’s life seemed hopeless. How did the Lord lift her from a pit of despair to being a sought-after speaker and author of 70 books?

14           That the World May Know: Experiencing the Bible in Its Original Setting

by Ruth Ann Burrell

Discover how Ray Vander Laan’s first trip to Israel inspired groundbreaking videos with a worldwide impact.

20           Sarah’s Story

by Jarrid Wilson

When Sarah, a visiting Christian high school student, tearily explained why she couldn’t leave her Midwest hometown, Jarrid was speechless.

24           Stops Along the Path of Faith

by Kelli Worrall

Pinpoint where you are on your spiritual journey and learn how to get out of a rut.

32           Christmas Gift Guide

Our annual gift guide is packed with presents to nurture the faith of your friends and loved ones year-round.


12           Living in Wisdom

Where Revival Begins

18           Ask Dr. Walt

How Effective Are These Treatments?

22           Live Right Now

Provide Loving Support

26           Dave Says

Consider Long-Term Financial Consequences

30           Turning Point

A Letter From West Africa

38           Persecution Report

Turkish President Turns Up the Heat

50           Grace Notes

She Taught Us to Smile


4             The Fine Print

28           Daily Bible Connection

40           Laugh Lines

42           Quick Takes

46           Quips & Quotes

48           Kids of the Kingdom