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On the cover: Tammie Jo Shults, captain of Southwest Flight 1380

Photo courtesy Pam Akin


6 Nerves of Steel: Captain Tammie Jo Shults’ Miraculous Landing of Southwest Flight 1380

by Dan Brownell

At 32,500 feet, Captain Tammie Jo Shults suddenly found herself wrestling a crippled Boeing 737 and         trusting in the Lord’s guidance to bring her passengers and crew down safely.

12 RU Recovery Ministries: Breaking the Chains and Cycle of Addiction Through Christ

by Stephanie Rische

The scourge of addiction in America is becoming worse by the day, but RU Recovery is helping to stem the                tide through its worldwide ministry. The Christ-centered treatment program hosts more than 2,000        chapters around the globe, with 1,200 in the U.S. alone.

18 Cremation Gains Momentum in the U.S.: Should Christians Follow the Trend?

by Tim Bennett

Cremation has become very popular in recent years. Does the Bible and church history shed any light on      the practice?

28 Spiritual Growth Resource Guide               

We aren’t to stay spiritual infants, but to steadily mature in our faith. Find helpful resources to help               individuals, families, and churches with this important responsibility.

30 Hidden in My Heart: A Life Transformed Through the Word

by Tom Meyer

Known as the “Bible Memory Man” for his ability to recite 20 complete books of the Bible, Tom Myer        explains how Scripture memorization changed his life and why anyone can memorize God’s Word.

34 Wrong Number, Right Destination

by Shawn Carney

When Erin accidentally dialed the wrong number, she had no idea that it would forever change her life.


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